This is about 600km drive all the way from Bangalore to Goa, Panjim city. You can make a few extended detours in this routes to interesting sites like the Hampi or the trio of Badami-Aihole-Pattadakal.

The western ghats arc fringing the Karnataka Goa border is generously sprinkled with attractions, be it wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls , nature camps or hill stations.

Chitradurga diversion Chitradurga has a fantastic sprawling fort. The fort is a short detour from the highway. Needs stamina and ample time in hand to make it to hilltop inside the fort.

If you are planning to visit Hampi, leave the highway (NH4) at Chitradurga and head north on the NH13. Hampi is about 140km north of Chitradurga. From Hampi you can head to Goa via Hubli. Further 145km northwest of Hampi is the popular heritage trio of Badami-Aihole and Pattadakal.