Bangalore is well known as the pub capital of India.

That said and done, it may not have all that much to offer you if you are an international traveller. However, compared to the rest of India, some of the pubs around Bangalore can come as a welcome surprise to those of you who like their draught beer!

The oldest pubs in the city are located around the Brigade road area, and it may be a good idea to club such an outing with shopping on Commercial Street not too far away. You can take your choice with pubs that play classic rock music, ones that play heavy metal, ones that play oldies, techno and jazz. However, curfew time is 11pm in this city, with your last order being taken at 10.30 – not too much to write home about if you are from Germany I guess!

So how do people enjoy night life in Bangalore? Well, as they say, the party does begin at night, and with the pubs closing shop at 11, it may leave you wondering what you could do after. Bangalore didn’t always close at 11, but the recent onslaught of security being tightened all over the world could have resulted in this early curfew we feel. The people of Bangalore have devised the ‘private party’ theme to out-do the authorities here. Many ‘private parties’ take place on the outskirts of the cities, such as on the Bangalore-Mysore road, and most of the time these are not even as private as they claim to be, wherein you actually have to pay an entry fee. Mysore road also holds a few discotheques.

Again, security is tight these days and you can expect to be questioned on your way home, if you have visited some of these late night parties. It is a far better idea to spend the night at a resort on the outskirts, if you want to enjoy the party they have to offer. At the same time, coppers in Bangalore have not been known to harass people in general, as in some other Indian cities. However, you can expect to pay a hefty fine if you are stopped driving under the influence. When you are a visitor, and truly enjoying the night out responsibly, nobody usually bothers you. However, it is definitely a good idea to begin your evening early and wind up by eleven, in most Indian cities, and Bangalore is no exception in this case – you simply have so much more to choose from in such to eleven is probably the best time to enjoy the ‘nightlife’ of pubs and discos that Bangalore has to offer.

What with Bangalore being the forefront of outsourcing, one can see many foreigners in some of the upper class clubs and bars in the city.