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So where else would you go shopping in Bangalore other than its famous Commercial Street? As the name suggests, it is one of the best places to go shopping in the city. Starting from clothes, footwear and accessories to digital cameras, this is where you need to head on a shopping spree in Bangalore.

Commercial Street has many-many bi-lanes where you can spend hours on end simply looking at the goodies before you actually select on buying anything. Having a lot of bargain outlets, this is a great destination for college students who may have to make their wardrobes on a tight budget. Some of the shops sell their wares for as low as a dollar a piece (about 50 Indian rupees). That said and done, many fashion conscious people do go shopping here simply because of the variety of clothing available. Those with a keen sense of style can put together quite an outfit, picking up different pieces of clothing from different outlets on the Commercial Street.

Bargain outlets apart, Commercial Street is also home to some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, so there really is something for everyone here. Getting to Commercial Street is not a problem, since it is right in the heart of the city, very close to the famous Mahatma Gandhi Road (or MG road as it is popularly referred to). But finding a place to park is a different story altogether. On a holiday you can see cars parked all the way from Commercial Street to MG road, without an inch to slip your own vehicle into.

Add to that the fact that the Bangalore Traffic control has made up its mind that they will not tolerate any car parked out of line, and you could find yourself driving for over an hour around Commercial Street, simply looking for a place to park. No wonder the city dwellers prefer the use of two wheelers...The golden rule is, if you are driving down MG road, on your way to Commercial Street and see a vacant spot, think no further – PARK and walk the rest of the way if you have to.

Commercial Street is not too far away from the Shivaji Nagar Russel Market and this could be a great stop over while you are in the area. Around Russel Market one can pick up all kinds of fruit and meat, and it even sells affordable barbecues and grills at one part. Sounds like a good idea to go shopping for clothing at Commercial Street, head down to Russel market to pick up your meats, finish the day at a pub on Church Street (Off Brigade road which is off MG road), and you are all set for your camping trip to Mysore road!

Dont forget to check out the different assortments of footwear, especially for women, while you are on Commercial Street.

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