Bangalore to Munnar via Chamarajanagar: Distance 474km

Bangalore --> 62km --> Kanakpura --> 49km --> Malavalli --> 36km --> Kollegal --> 40km --> Chamarajanagara --> 77km --> Sathyamangalam --> 44km --> Avanashi --> 22km --> Palladam --> 56km --> Udumalpet --> 88km --> Munnar

The second lap of this route (from Avanashi onwards) is identical to that of Bangalore to Munnar via Erode route. That is the 70 km Avanashi to Udumalpet and the 60 km high range ( hilly/forest ) stretch from Udumalpet to Munnar. So let's see the rest of the before Avanashi, that is from Bangalore up to Avanashi.

From Bangalore all the way to Sathyamangalam ( Sathy) you are on NH 209. From Bangalore city head southwards and ask for the Kanakpura Road. This is nothing but the NH-209. This is not a busy highway like NH-7, but it passes through many towns and villages. You can reach Kanakapura road via the NICE road too.

You will be crossing the Karnataka Tamilnadu border between Chamarajanagara and Sathyamangalam. This is a forest stretch with more than 2 dozens of hairpin bends with steep downhill road ( for about 20km stretch), though the road is in good condition. You could spot wildlife , especially during the early mornings and in the evenings.

The road after Chamarajanagara is practically empty except for the odd interstate buses and the slow moving trucks laden with sugarcane heading towards the distilleries in Tamilnadu. Between Chamarajanagara and Sathyamangalam there are no big travelers conveniences (restaurants, toilets, shops etc ). And it is a 2 hour stretch . So plan your break accordingly.

The Ghat section starts at a small village in Dimbam ( with a couple of tea stalls and a fuel station) and ends at Bannari after some 21 hairpins that appears one after another . From Dimbam you can see the highland drops the height abruptly and the vast stretch of Deccan plateau as far as eye can see.

Also you can spot the Sathyamangalam town somewhere in the middle of the plateau. The whole thing is like a view from the an air plane’s window. If you want to enjoy the sight, do it at Dimbam , the highest and convenient view point. Beyond this, there are no practical place to park the vehicle to catch the view since the width of the road is just enough for the two way traffic.

Its a wide and well maintained road all the way to Sathyamangalam once you've reached the foothills of the Ghat Road. Sathyamangalam is a busy town and you’ve to wriggle out of it.

From Satuyamangalam you've two diversions options for Avinashi. One is at Annur and the second at Puliampatti. Both are on NH209. So continue on NH209 after Satyamangalam.

After about 40km from Sathyamangalam you will reach a place called Annur (Puliampatti about 22km from Satyamangalam), where you have to take a left deviation for Avanashi. Annur is a small village and you would easily slip past this without noticing the deviation, though the places are well marked with signposts. Ask for Annur and for the road to Avanashi. It’s a steep left turn, that is not obvious from a distance. If you miss this, you are on your way to Coimbatore city (some 30km from Annur). You can reach Udumalpet via Coimbatore, but it is a bit longer and more importantly you’ve to cross the busy Coimbatore city.

From Annur head towards Avanashi (about 18km). This is a narrow but driveable road.Near Avanashi this road joins the NH-47. From Avanashi to Munnar, follow the route as explained in other driving option (Bangalore to Munnar via Erode route)

Another route one can consider is via Mysore. That is get to Mysore by the Bangalore-Mysore state highway ( SH17). From Mysore head towards Gundlupet (NH 212 / Ooty Road ). At about 23 km from Mysore you’ll cross Nanjangud town. Take a left deviation here (even there is a bypass , just before the town) for Chamarajanagara. From Chamarajanagara onwards the route is same as explained above.